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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Extra Credit Blog:

This is another shot from my toy camera app on my cell phone.  Cell phone photography is a newer form of photography that I plan to experiment with a lot more.  I like the contrast and colors shown here.  The halo also makes it feel surreal.

Taking photographs in the malls is prohibited, so I secretly stole this shot of the vibrant mannequins.  I like how the mannequins are not flesh colored, yet they are a vibrant red.  I chose to modify the contrast in this shot to portray a fun, surreal scene.  That is what malls are to me...surreal, because I can never afford to purchase anything, yet I have to walk through one everyday.
This is a photograph I took at night with a longer exposure to give the effect of the blown out light.  I like the urban feel of it.
Silhouettes, Italy
November 25, 2009
from National Geographic 2009 International Photography contest

I think this photograph is very striking in the way that contrast is utilized through color.  The silhouettes define movement and I really like the shapes they create.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tim Walker
“Magic World,”
Vogue Italia, January 2008

This image is interesting to me because we find beauty in the oddest things.  We tend to objectify the subject in a photograph, and these women are objectified to some sort of pleasurable fantasy through their clothing and the way that they interact with one another as well as the camera.  The soft lighting enhances their dreamlike state.
For this week's blog, we were to find images anywhere on the internet.  I took that literally, so here is what I came up with.  Since we are learning about photography in commodity culture, I chose to search for images in advertising, fashion, and travel.

Soon Tong
Campaign for Health Promotion Board
Agency : Ogilvy & Mather Advertising  Singapore
I chose this image because it is striking to me at how the body and the water become one.  The black and white with a splash of yellow is also visually pleasing.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Someone told me that I was in my "green phase".  I guess that is the case, but I have no idea what that means.  I am experimenting with the toy camera setting on my phone.  This represents a Holga camera I suppose.  I like the surreal feel to it, because it was a surreal car ride for me.  The water on the road mixed with the glare of the sun made it so.  I had to capture it.
This is the first self-portrait I've posted on my blog.  I like the lomography style it portrays.  This was also taken with my camera phone.
I have been experimenting with my new camera phone.  It has a 5 megabyte camera with different filters and settings.  I chose this photograph because of the colors and angle it was taken.  This was taken after the third margarita, I believe...
MAR 21–JUN 20, 2010

 This is a lot like my work because it documents places and times.  This also incorporates a lot of signs as well as a high contrast, mainly because it looks like it's taken in the middle of the day.
The Moving Finger, ca. 1951
© Weegee
International Center of Photography

 This is a candid snapshot to me.  I enjoy these kinds of shots because you can capture people in their elements.  It is also a documentation of a time and place.  The clothing that these people are wearing are of a particular era.
Richard Avedon
Veruschka, dress by Kimberly, New York, January 1967
© 2009 The Richard Avedon Foundation 

 This is the style of photography that I am aiming to strive for: fashion photography.  I love the movement and the composition, the contrast and the angles.  We can also assume that this is from a certain time period because of her clothes, make-up and hair.  This photograph is depicting style from an earlier era.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Photoshoot for "The House of Commons"

Here is more of the photoshoot I am currently doing for the House of Commons.  I like this photograph because of the clarity of the tiny tea balls of jasmine that were hand rolled.

This is a semi-candid shot of my brother.  I am working on this series for my next photo project in class.  This series is a documentation of my brother's visit to Colorado.  I am going to miss him when he goes back home to Raleigh, NC.
Week 2 - Documenting Change

Week number 2, more activity, but not a whole lot of change.  This photograph was chosen because of the documentation aspect.
BETTER DIMENSION (detail), 2010. Ink and tape on glass slide from an installation of silkscreened wood panels, four Hasselblad slide projectors, one 16 mm eiki projector, resin and steel projection screen, 106 × 252 × 268 in. (270 × 640 × 680 cm). Collection of the artist; courtesy Gagosian Gallery, New York

This artwork is interesting to me because of the artist's use of color, contrast, and line.  I am intrigued by the "eye-shape" in the left hand side of the piece.  I keep trying to make faces out of the shapes, so it keeps my interest longer.
still from Ă„rztliche Zimmergymnastik, 2008. Hi-Definition video projection, color, sound; 80 min. loop.

I chose this photo because of the differences of the stances amongst the bodies in the room.  It's more dynamic than everyone doing the same thing.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Marianne Vitale, Patron, 2009
Video, color, sound, 8:36 min. Collection of the artist; Courtesy IBID PROJECTS, London

I chose this piece because of the instructions Vitale asked of her audience.  I think it's bizarre and it intrigued me.  Go to the website to read a complete description of this artwork.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I like this photo because of the angle and the vibrant lavender blue.  I've been working on this project for the House of Commons tea house for about 2 weeks now.  It's a very simple subject matter, but all of the teas are completely different from one another.  It makes me think of meditation and Asian philosophy.  Please follow my Facebook fan page to see all of the different varieties.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I chose this image because of the subject matter.  Over time, I plan to document the change of this space.  Each week, I will return to this site and photograph the progress.  It'll be exciting to see what becomes of this area.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This is what I am working on right now in Photo IV.  Signs.  They are everywhere...abundantly overwhelming.  I chose this photograph because of the irony.  We expect to see blue skies and majestic mountains with the text, "Colorado".  Instead, we see construction and an urban environment.  Colorado is rapidly growing.  I plan to document the change through time.
Aki Sasamoto
still from Secrets of My Mother's Child, 2009.
Performance and installation.
Photo credit: Arturo Vidich

By now, we have all come to the conclusion that I really love installation pieces.  Especially installations with music.  Maybe one day I will have my own gallery space to fill up with photo installations.  I have some ideas, but they will definitely take time to construct.  Does anybody want to feature me as an artist in their gallery?
Michael Asher
(Installation view, January 26 - April 12, 2008, Santa Monica Museum of Art)
Photo credit: Grant Mudford

I chose this photograph at first because of the repeated use of line.  I then realized that this is an installation piece and became even more amused by it.  I would love to walk through it and explore it.
Pae White
Smoke Knows

This image is interesting to me because of the movement of the smoke and the contrast between light and dark.  It looks like the smoke is coming through the window and filling up the room.  Love it!