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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chapter 5: Spectacles and Illusions

"Dunlopillo, it's hard to make love anywhere else
Dunlopillo. Sleep like you love."
Advertising agency: H, Paris, France
Creative Director: Gilbert Scher
Art Director: Pietro Sotgia
Copywriter: Arnaud Le Bacquer
Photographer: Geoffroy de Boismenu
Published: January 2010
(This image is interesting to me because it reminds me of an experience I once had back in college in Hawaii.  I had eaten some mushrooms and came home to find my entire house rearranged.  The bed was in the kitchen, the sofa was in the bathroom, nothing was in it's correct place.  You can imagine the horror on my face when I walked in the door at 5am).
This photograph relates to chapter 5 and the use of photography in commodity culture.  We relate this object with comfort, but the place in which this object is placed, is not comfortable at all.  So, with buying this comfortable mattress, we can be comfortable anywhere.

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